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Jardin Infantil y El Padul, Managua, Nicaragua is a school for the poorest of the poor, a school funded entirely on faith.

The school was founded by Rosemary Bell and Olimpida Garay. Their goal was to educate children who would otherwise not receive an education due to their family situation and economic hardship. They began the school with a group of about 60 children, providing not only an education but also meals, uniforms, and transportation. In the beginning, in order to gather funds, they sold many personal objects, including shoes. Finally, after much prayer and work, a variety of people began to donate funds to the school on a regular basis helping the school to grow and flourish. Today, the school has grown to more than 400 students. It is funded entirely on donations.

Hope for Nica was recently founded with a mission to help support this amazing school and the wonderful people that devote their lives to ensuring that children, no matter their economic status, receive an education. We are a foundation that seeks to provide children in need with the essential tools required to break the cycle of poverty.

We are run entirely on donations, as is the school, and you can help! You can make a difference! Sponsor a child today! Learn more...

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About Hope for Nica